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Machine Registration: Why it's Important

After months of waiting on supply chain hang ups, equipment owners far and wide understand the elation of (finally!) seeing that delivery truck pull in sporting brand new equipment.

20210420_HSB-Shop-036Now that it’s finally in your hands, it’s important to register your machine and complete the process of bringing a new addition to your fleet.

Why Register your Machine?

Registering your machine ensures that your warranty is validated and that we have the most reliable information available to us should your machine have any issues. There are three main reasons to Register your new Barreto equipment:

  1. Warranty
  2. Service Bulletins or Recalls
  3. Theft


712 Barreto trencherWarranty

If your machine isn’t registered, your warranty is not valid. It’s crucial to fill and return registration information to Barreto Manufacturing upon receiving the machine. This way, Barreto has the information to provide the necessary supportin the event of a warranty claim or manufacturing defect. Registration is to be completed by the equipment owner - this will be either the rental store, or Dealer if purchasing from a dealership, and can be completed by filling out the online Product Registration Form, or downloading and returning the Product Registration Paper Form.  

Where to find the serial number?

Each machine has two serial number tags displayed on it. One is a decal sticker, and one is an etched aluminum plate affixed to the body of the machine. There you will find the serial number. Upon delivery, document the serial number of the machine by writing it down in the Owner’s Manual. The first page of the Owner’s Manual has dedicated space for recording this information, and it is a handy place to keep all vital machine information.


Honda engine

Warranties on some components, such as engines, differ from the Manufacturer’s warranty. Barreto Manufacturing, Inc. is not responsible for engine coverage and claims, but we can certainly assist in connecting customers with their engine manufacturer.

Service Bulletins or Recalls

In the event Barreto needs to send out a Service Bulletin or recall, it’s important that your machine is registered. This way the service update can be properly performed and covered under warranty.



Once a machine leaves our factory it is the responsibility of the new owner. However, we get it - life happens - and unfortunately, theft happens. While the machine cannot necessarily be tracked in live-time, if it has been registered with Barreto and you let us know it has been stolen, we can flag the serial number and monitor it for any future service calls. If the machine gets called in for a claim request or otherwise, we will know who the original owner was and be able to notify them.

It’s exciting to grow your fleet - especially considering the growing demand for equipment and projected growth in the industry over the coming years. Registering your new machine is the first step to secure its record and set it up for success.