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Chipper Maintenance: 5 Tips to Keep Your Chipper in Tip Top Shape

Getting the best result from your chipper requires some regular care and maintenance. In this article, we go step-by-step to show you how to keep your machine in the best operating shape for the next job.   

  1. Belts
  2. Grease
  3. Knives/Blades
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Oil


The belt(s) on a chipper emit quite a bit of energy. Spinning the chipper disk with enough power to reduce those limbs to chips is a tough job! Inspecting your belts for proper tension and wear (such as fraying, cracking, or dry rot)  will save you time and money, increasing your productivity and efficiency. 

belts illustration


One of the causes for premature wear on your belts is improper tension. The most common mistake is tensioning your belts too tight. Belt tension should be routinely checked and properly adjusted. Refer to the owner’s manual for your chipper model, or head over to this informative article on different ways of adjusting for proper tension.  How to Tension a V Belt.

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Grease Manifold

As with any piece of equipment, you should keep your machine on a regular greasing schedule. For machines experiencing heavy use, you should grease your components daily at the minimum. This simple bit of routine maintenance will keep you headache free and avoid any maintenance problems caused by improper lubrication. Some chippers, such as the 3107C, have a grease manifold, keeping all your essential grease points in one place for quick and easy maintenance. 


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Chipper knives

It is very important to check your blade condition after each use, even when chipping seemingly “soft” or “easy” material. You may come across rocks or other objects that are hidden among your limbs or brush pile. Always check your blades for nicks, wear, and overall condition. Trees are masters of hiding and growing around any objects in their paths. 


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Barreto Chipper

A good cleaning routine not only keeps your machine looking sharp, it also helps with maintenance. A clean machine makes it easier to find the source of potential leaks and damages. It also reduces the risk of grease, chip, or dust buildup that can cause safety and fire hazards.  

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Checking oil

It’s the simple things that keep the gremlins at bay. Routinely check your engine oil level and condition. Keeping the correct oil level, and changing your oil and filter at proper intervals is the best way to get the best performance, and the least headache, out of your engine. 

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