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Behind the Scenes: Video Roundup

Heads up - we’ve got news! Tune into this quick read to see the latest from Barreto Manufacturing, Inc.

1B87ED22-880D-438D-8A13-74FD25AF2243It’s been several months in the making, and we are proud to finally bring you fresh video content covering the latest updates to our family of machines.

Last year, Barreto Manufacturing partnered with a local video agency to begin filming custom videos of each machine for promotional and safety purposes.

In alignment with our overall business goals, it was important to source from our local community. So, we were excited when the opportunity arose to bring in the crew from the TV show Steve’s Outdoor Adventures, as seen on the Outdoor Channel. After the introductory meetings and initial work, the anticipation level was high as we saw how these videos were shaping up to serve our customers' needs.


Based on customer feedback, we now have Safety & Instructional videos, as well as product videos, that demonstrate the machines and their capabilities. We’ve enjoyed the process of documenting the durable machines that we work so hard to build, and we aren’t done yet!

Tune into our YouTube channel at Barreto Manufacturing, Inc, and follow our social media pages to view these videos as well as those to come.

The latest video roundup includes videos for these Barreto machines:


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