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Stump Grinding: Choosing Stump Grinder Teeth

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Let’s talk about stump grinding, particularly stump grinder teeth. When choosing a stump grinder, there are a variety of options and brands available on the market, but after polling a few avid stump grinding professionals we’ve narrowed it down to these top three:

#1 Greenteeth
#2 Rayco
#3 Sandvik

GreenteethGreenteeth took the lead in our poll, beating out competitors by nearly twice the votes. These teeth received high praise for their longevity and availability. With a separate holder and tooth set up, Greenteeth employs three cutting edges per tooth - allowing for three times the duration and value. Greenteeth keeps up with demand, is affordable, and rarely goes out of stock, making them readily available when you need them. They meet the needs for a variety of stump grinder sizes and applications, and they are available in four sizes: 500 Series, 700 Series, 900 Series, and 1100 Series.


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Rayco Teeth

Second in the poll are Rayco teeth. Rayco teeth are renowned for being quite durable. Results showed that Rayco teeth rarely break and have minimal chipping. The solid construction of these teeth contribute to its durability, withstanding rocks and other objects that may hide within the stump. Unfortunately, it also means these teeth can not be rotated, nor can they be replaced as easily in the field. When a tooth breaks or wears down, the owner will have to replace the whole tooth assembly instead of an individual tooth.

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Sandvik Teeth

Close in line, and coming in at third place are the Sandvik teeth. The Sandvik teeth hold their own in longevity, and they tend to wear slowly in most situations. They are also similar to the Greenteeth in their ability to remove the tooth from the holder, allowing for quick changes in the field and reduced replacement costs. One main consideration to note is that Sandvik teeth are wheel-specific, which means you would need to change the cutter wheel as well as the teeth and holders if you choose to switch to their products. They are designed with a thumbnail-style head - which some users commented helps at cutting down on the scattering of chips.



Of course, the tooth setup that best fits your needs is the best setup on the market. These are just a few considerations that may help you start the search and narrow down to the best choice for your business. Each tooth manufacturer will be able to further answer your questions about use, quality, and application with your specific equipment, and we are here to answer your questions as well.

This post was originally published in July 2020 and has been refreshed and updated.


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