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Call Before You Dig

April is National Safe Digging Month, and it’s time to start preparing for spring planting and outdoor projects. The Barreto line of equipment is ready to tackle your seasonal to-do list, but keep in mind that safety comes first. When you're ready to begin work, remember:
  1. Safety First
  2. Call 811
  3. Time to Dig

Barreto trencherSafety First

Some buried utilities can be found only inches below the surface. Before digging, your outdoor project should be checked by your local utility companies. From a simple garden build to in-depth landscaping efforts, you should call your state’s 811 center before breaking ground, even if you think the scale of your project is minimal. This free service protects against accidental and potentially expensive actions that could hurt you and your community. 

Located in Canada? No problem! Canadian customers can utilize the same service by visiting the Click Before You Dig website for additional information.

Call 811 Safe-Digging-Partner

Dialing 811 anywhere in the U.S. will connect you with your local 811 center, which will verify your project and location prior to issuing a ticket number and provide instructions on next steps; you can also submit a form online. Then, your local utility companies will visit the site and mark any buried utilities with flags and/or colored paint according to utility type.

Who should make the call? If you hired a contractor or landscaper to do the dig, ensure they have contacted 811 before starting. You can always make the call yourself to verify this important step.* 

Call 811 sticker on a Barreto tiller

Time to Dig

Check your state’s laws to see how long your utility companies have to respond to your request. Most states require that the task be completed within several days. Once they confirm where it’s safe to dig, you can get to work!

Starting your spring projects doesn’t have to be a hassle - just remember to call before you dig, and give yourself a few extra days before beginning outside. Happy planting!


*The 811 logo is a registered trademark of the Common Ground Alliance.