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Building Barreto Tough: Assembly and Shipping

If you’ve followed us this far, you’ve been through all of the processes our parts go through on their way to becoming a finished piece of Barreto equipment. If you're new here, read first our "Building Barreto Tough: Laser Department and Press Break."



Not only is 95% of our manufacturing done in house, but also 100% of our assembly. Each piece of equipment is carefully pieced together in one of our three assembly locations. As our customer base and product lines have expanded, our facilities have too in order to meet the demand.

We manufacture, assemble, and ship at our facilities in Oregon and Idaho, and we also ship parts and equipment and do limited assembly out of our South Carolina warehouse. 



DSC_0119 (2)Newly completed components are taken to the assembly departments to be fitted, bolted, and tested to create a “Barreto Tough” machine you can rely on. Each machine is assigned a serial number and it’s assembly process is tracked and noted to ensure each piece is inspected and tested for imperfections and defects. 
Machines are fired up, and functionality is tested to ensure each component is working properly. Before they leave for crating and shipping, each piece receives a final pre-shipment inspection. 




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Once final assembly is complete, tested, and products are declared ready to ship, Barreto equipment is prepared for shipment in one of our three shipping locations. This process may include additional assembly of the customer’s choice of chain and boom combinations for our trenchers, or the installation of necessary tie downs on any of our machine-designated trailers. 

The final step to prepare equipment for safe delivery to you, the customer, is the crating process. Each crate and pallet is specifically designed for the machine inside. Every crate is individually made by our crew with quality lumber and is designed to handle any shipping condition, whether its new home is a few miles (or even a few continents) away.