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Stump Grinding Field Hacks: Tips that Make Your Job Easier

Barreto stumpgrinder

In many parts of the country, the sunny fall days are about to turn chilly. With winter right around the corner, take advantage of the last weeks of fall by getting late season stump grinding projects wrapped up and out of the way.
Certainly, stump grinding can happen year-round, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that sees lots of snow and ice, it’s best to plan for these projects now before the ground freezes.

Fuel Up & Gear Up

Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engineStart with a full tank and a fully greased machine. This eliminates the need to stop mid-job and keeps your machine running smoothly. Gather the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, like safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, boots, and a helmet. 



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Field Prep

Doing a little pickup and site assessment will help you operate quickly and efficiently.

  • Clear debris. There should not be large rocks, litter, or any obstructing material on or near the stump. 
  • Assess the site and the area of travel. You should be able to easily walk the route to and from the stump. Look for areas of soft, wet ground, or new grass or flower beds that you may navigate around.
  • If operating near a fence, anticipate the range of the grinder head sweep, and plan your sweeps accordingly.

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Cut Tall Stumps


Working on a tall stump? Make the job easier by using a chainsaw to cut the stump down before grinding. You can choose to grind a tall stump, but depending on the size you may save loads of time by taking just a few moments to cut it down and reduce your workload. Plus, less grinding means you save the edges of your grinder teeth for longer - making replacements less frequent and cost effective. 

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Use Shields

The 30SG and 37SG Barreto stump grinders come pre-equipped with a built-in shield that protects the operator, but sometimes it’s useful to have another type of barricade handy to keep any flying chips contained. Keeping chips consolidated to the grinding area will allow you to clean up faster, and leftover chips also act as excellent mulch for the garden and flower beds. 

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Use your Mulch

new plant growthOffering this mulch to a customer is a bonus byproduct of stump grinding, and it’s perfect for fall landscaping and winter preparation. Using mulch to top dress your garden beds in the fall will nourish the soil and help protect existing plants during extreme cold, while also repelling weeds come springtime.



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Ready to get to work? Luckily, we still have some good weather left in the season, so go take advantage of it!