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825TKL Mini Skid FAQ - Part 2

Our last blog post explored the innovative track design that Barreto employs on our 825TKL Mini Track Loader, and this week we will take a look at the purpose behind the industry’s first mini skid cab-over design.

Question: What is a cab-over design and why is it better?

Answer: Cab-over designs are a mechanic’s best friend. The machine’s upper frame opens up to allow exceptional access to internal components for routine maintenance or in-depth repair.

Barreto 825TKL

What is a Cab-Over?

The cab-over style has been historically employed on various full size skid steer loaders, but this style on mini track loaders is brand new to the industry. Essentially, to access the large internal components like the engine and hydraulics, mechanics simply follow a few procedures to open the top of the machine - kind of like cracking open an egg. 

This design revolutionizes traditional mechanical work. Usually, it’s difficult to gain cab-over designaccess to the inner workings of the machine to perform maintenance or repairs. Mechanics would spend hours in the shop pulling apart the machine just to begin. Then, the machine still has to be maintained and reassembled. It’s a time-consuming process to perform in-depth work on equipment, but with a cab-over design it just became more efficient.

How Long Does it Take?

The cab-over process takes about an hour and a few common tools. Especially considering the compact size of mini track loaders, tight spaces lack access and visibility and produce more than a few frustrations. It also increases the risk of mistakes if a mechanic encounters an extremely difficult design. With a cab-over design, a mechanic simply takes a few steps to begin and is soon cruising through repairs.

Barreto 825TKL

Why Own One?

As business owners know, the level of difficulty equals time, and time equals money. Efficient use of shop time simply saves money. Efficient machinery and intelligent design also saves your mechanics daily headaches, which makes for happier employees and happier customers. Looks like your business bottom line just got better.