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5 Mini Skid Attachments to Use this Winter

Mini skid steers are versatile, hardy helpers that can be used in every season for many different projects. With the horsepower to get big jobs done, and the agility of a compact machine, these machines are the swiss army knife of your rental fleet. It’s time to make snow chores fun again with universal mini skid attachments to fit all your needs.

5 Mini Skid Attachments to Use this Winter-3Check out these attachment options - with a universally adapting base plate and the ability to add optional hydraulically powered attachments, any universal mini skid option will easily hook up for the job at hand:




  1. Snow Blower Attachments
  2. Bucket Attachments
  3. Sweeper Attachments
  4. Snow Pusher Attachments
  5. Snow Blade Attachments
snow blower attachments

Snow Blower Attachments

Arguably the perfect attachment for the season, a snow blower attachment will clear snow from a road or parking lot in a snap. The blower attachments displace snow more efficiently than a bucket or sweeper attachment because snow cleared with a blower can be thrown up to 45 feet, dramatically increasing your options for moving large amounts of snow in a hurry.

bucket attachmentsBucket Attachments

Scoop away with a universal bucket attachment to clear large spaces quickly. This is an ideal option if you’re looking for a more versatile attachment than one exclusively designed for winter, like snow blower attachments. This is a cost-effective solution for multiple seasons and uses, but keep in mind that instead of throwing the snow some distance away like a blower, buckets will simply scoop and move it. Buckets are available in numerous sizes and grades, and are a widely manufactured option from many different companies.

Sweeper Attachmentssweeper attachments

Did the snow leave a light dusting on the lot, but not enough to justify scooping or snowblowing? Consider a sweeper attachment. This attachment would serve multiple seasons of use, from sweeping snow in the winter, to freshening spring sidewalks or clearing away fall leaves.

snow pusher attachmentsSnow Pusher Attachments

Just as the name implies, snow pusher attachments are great for moving swathes of snow around. Featuring a boxy design that captures and pushes snow to wherever you want it.



Snow Blade Attachments

snow blade attachments

The classic curved design of a snow blade is perfect for light materials like snow. A traditional option for snow removal, you can’t go wrong with a snow blade when the flakes begin falling.

In one winter day, your mini skid can scoop the snow off the rental lot sidewalk, then turn around to be rented by customers for the same task, or one completely different. Their narrow, agile design is ideal for clearing snow from parking lots, sidewalks, or stock and loading areas. With the option to add hydraulic-powered attachments the opportunities are endless, and these snappy machines yield an impressive return on investment.