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Local Highlight: All Valley Sprinkler and Irrigation

20231116_AllValleySprinkler_logoAs many of you know, Barreto Manufacturing now operates a second manufacturing facility out of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. Just this month, our very own Chris Barreto was driving by a local longhorn cattle ranch when she looked out the window to see a Barreto RTK Track Trencher being put to work in a pasture beside the road. She promptly pulled over for an introduction and had the fantastic luck to meet Aaron Thatcher with All Valley Sprinkler and Irrigation. We circled up with Aaron to learn more about his company and the work he was performing that day.

“I was trenching about 1,700 feet or so in order to supply water to 35 new trees just planted around the exterior perimeter of the pastures,” said Aaron. “I see this lady pulling over alongside the pasture, and she hops out and starts walking toward the fence looking for a way to come say hi,” said Aaron.

If you have met Chris, it’s no surprise that she quickly (and we say *quickly* because Chris doesn’t waste time driving anywhere) pulled over to ascend on Aaron excitedly. When Greg and Chris Barreto started Barreto Manufacturing almost 40 years ago, they never imagined that business would grow out of their garage and into multiple facilities nationwide. From scribbling the first equipment orders on scraps of paper at trade shows to now seeing their equipment out and about, of course Chris takes pride in Barreto and all the progress the company has made. She snapped these pictures and connected us to Aaron.

All Valley Sprinkler and Irrigation logoAaron has been living and working in the Treasure Valley for 13 years now. He specializes in sprinkler and irrigation work and has a background in landscape design. He has used Barreto trenchers often through the years as they are needed for projects of this scope. “We had a family-owned business called The Boise Lawn Company for 13 years, but with COVID-19 challenges and staffing difficulties, we decided to dissolve that company,” said Aaron. “My son recently started his own landscaping business, but right now I’m a one man crew, and I like it that way. It’s just simple.”

Aaron ThatcherAaron is currently the acting President for the Idaho Nursery and Landscaping Association, and he is very active in the industry. He’s been on the board for five years now, and at the annual show in January he will transition to Past President where he will spend one more year in an advisory position.

He is used to being a Swiss Army knife of skill sets, saying it’s kind of a requirement to be in this industry year-round. “Installation jobs either on new construction or rehabs on properties are the most lucrative - they sure keep you busy. Then in the spring you have sprinkler start ups and repairs, and in fall you’re busy with blow-outs. During winter you start hanging Christmas lights, plowing snow, and then you have some ice contracts,” he said.

When asked about how he likes the RTK, he said, “The ability to stand on it is amazing, and it handles everything I’ve had to do withBarreto RTK Track Trencher in a field it so far.” Aaron rents from local rental shop Tates Rents, who have been and continue to be great partners in the Treasure Valley.

If you live in the area, you just may see Aaron in a field surrounded by curious cattle, or you may spot him and his son collaborating on upcoming Christmas light installations. You can find All Valley Sprinkler and Irrigation on Facebook or Instagram for any job inquiries.

Huge thank you to Aaron for taking the time to visit with us as the busy holiday season approaches. “I got 1700 ft done that day. Shoulders are definitely sore,” he said. We hope he takes a bit of a break once the weather turns!